I built something

So, the other day I built something. Something that I don't think will be helpful for anyone other than myself. But I'm still putting it out there, because - well, why not?

What did I build?

I'm calling it Etsy Merchant Feeds (yes, I'm not very imaginative when it comes to naming things...), and it's a tool that allows Etsy store owners to create a feed that they can then use to import their catalogue into Meta (Facebook/Instagram), or for Google Shopping Ads.

Why did I build it?

My wife runs an amazing Etsy store and she wants to tag her products in Instagram posts and stories. However, in order in order to do that, she needs to import her store inventory into Instagram using Meta's Catalogue Manager. Instagram additionally has the requirement, that the products link to a domain she owns, so I couldn't just use any of the existing third party feed solutions.

How did I build it?

I built this over the period of a few days using Laravel and Lifewire. It's my first time working with Lifewire, so although it's really straightforward it was a nice little learning experience, which to be fair, was another reason to build this.

What does Etsy Merchant Feeds do?

This tool uses Etsy's API to grab all of a shop's listings and produce an XML feed in a format that can then be used by both Meta and Google, as they both use the same feed format.

Additionally, unlike other feed tools, it doesn't direct users directly to Etsy, but instead redirects through your own domain. This is important, because Instagram doesn't allow you to tag products on the domain.

You can find more details on the Etsy Merchant Feeds GitHub page.

What limitations does it have?

Get Etsy Merchant Feeds

You can find Etsy Merchant Feeds and instructions on how to install and use it on GitHub: nanos/etsy-merchant-feed.