Muli user support for FediFetcher

Since v4.2.0 FediFetcher has support for multiple users. This is great for admins of instances with a very small number of users, who want to run FediFetcher for several of their users.

If you wish to use FediFetcher for multiple users against the same instance, you can supply the access-token option as array:

    "access_token": ["TOKEN1", "TOKEN2"]

There is no limit to how many acces-tokens you can provide, but the more you provide, the longer will FediFetcher run to fetch content.

How do my users generate access tokens?

Mastodon only allows admins to generate access token, so if you have any non-admin users that want to make use of FediFetcher you can direct them to GetAuth for Mastodon

You can supply a link with pre-filled inputs to make their lives easier, eg

Your users will then need to send the access token to you, using a method you both agree on, eg using a ‘Private Message’ in Mastodon. (No, private messages are not encrypted in Mastodon - if that bothers you use a more secure medium.)