mastodon_get_replies is now FediFetcher

A short while ago, I released mastodon_get_replies - at that time a simple script to pull missing replies from other instances into my own mastodon instance.

To my surprise, this has actually become rather popular, and a lot of features beyond just pulling in replies have since been added. As such the name mastodon_get_replies (which was always a pain to both say and type) is now simply no longer accurate, and I've decided to rename it:

Today I want to (re-)introduce FediFetcher.

FediFetcher for Mastodon is a simple Python script that can pull missing replies and posts into your own Mastodon instance.

Find out more on the FediFetcher for Mastodon page, or on GitHub.

Do I need to do anything?

If you are currently running mastodon_get_replies as a GitHub Action you will simply need to update your fork, to ensure it'll continue running. I'm sorry about that!

If you are currently running mastodon_get_replies as a cron job, you don't need to do anything.